It's Tonight (NPR Tiny Desk Submission)


Our original piece written on NYE a few years ago. Any night can start a new year.


It's tonight by the fire's light
We've made our vows and we won't back down
We were lying to ourselves last year but tonight we lay it down
a new year is here

All the weight that was carried the year before
we let it go as we swim up to the shore
Tired of floating aimlessly adrift on an unforgiving sea

Won't you take my hand my dear as we wait into the night
there is nothing left to fear in the trenches where we fight
I will stand with you this year over every hill you climb
in the desert in the wasteland I'll be by your side

All the world is awaiting they're rebirth
As the lights slowly plummet to the earth
and we know of the fire that burns below
candle light in the depths of every soul

Won't you hold my hand my dear as we walk in to the light
there is nothing more I fear than to lead a wasted life
I will stand with you this year through each fresh hell that you find
we will break free from this madness that consumes our times
tonight we'll find our Holy why and we will etch it in the stones
we won't rest until we die until it's carved into our bones
It's tonight
It's tonight
It's tonight it's here
It's tonight cause any night can start a new year

Lots of love for 2024!